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Jonathan Handel (please note spelling of first and last name), entertainment and technology attorney at TroyGould, contributing editor at The Hollywood Reporter and adjunct professor at USC Gould School of Law and Southwestern Law School.


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Entertainment law, entertainment business, entertainment and technology, entertainment labor relations, technology law, copyright, trademark, intellectual property, self-driving cars (autonomous vehicles).


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Media Experience

I've been interviewed or quoted over 1,100 times on/in national, international and local television, radio, newspapers, magazines, podcasts and online outlets, in live, taped and tape-for-live formats, via phoners, Skype, Google hangouts, remote crews and in studio, and in lengths ranging from 5 second bites to segments of 15 minutes or more.


Journalists who interview me usually come back again, sometimes dozens of times, because my quotes and soundbites are well-informed, concise, colorful, contextual, and often visual, humorous, euphonious or surprising. I'm a lawyer and former computer scientist, but I'm also a journalist (The Hollywood Reporter) and I speak in plain English.


  • "I've got what I need. I could just lean over and kiss you," NBC News correspondent.

  • "You're a soundbite machine," CBS News producer.

  • "You're a machine," Brian Rooney, ABC News correspondent.

  • "You always rock the live shots," KFWB 980 News anchor Phil Hulett.

  • "That was brilliant," BBC Radio 5 Live producer.

  • "He's great," another CBS News producer.

  • "You were AMAZING! (as usual)," KABC AM 790 producer (1 hr. show).

  • "Jonathan Handel is one of those rare, exceptional contacts that a radio reporter loves. He knows his stuff, he's articulate, he's interesting, and he understands the deadlines that a reporter works under." KNX 1070 anchor Vicki Cox.

  • "Such a pro," KCRW (public radio) host.

  • "Get Jonathan!" KNX news director to staff (as told by a producer).

  • "Hollywood’s most sensible legal eagle ... reliable, fair-minded and quotable," Aaron Barnhart, Kansas City Star TV critic.

  • "So many soundbites to choose from," KABC 7 reporter after an interview.

  • "You were fantastic!" another KCRW host.

  • “We love working with you,” KNX producer.


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