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Entertainment today is intertwined with technology. As an entertainment/technology attorney, I have a unique perspective. I've been a lawyer since graduating Harvard Law School in 1990 and before that I was a computer scientist. That means I speak the languages you need your attorney to know: law, entertainment and technology – and I've been doing this long enough that I understand business as well.

"We appreciate your insightful and very practical guidance," a client told me. It's one of the nicest things a lawyer can hear.

My clients also compliment my ability to translate legal concepts into plain English and to explain what matters from a business perspective and what doesn't. It's a natural for me: I've taught as an adjunct professor at UCLA, USC and Southwestern Law Schools.

In addition, I'm a journalist and have some background in linguistics. That love of language helps me deal with contracts. And contracts are a bit like software: both are a series of instructions, and both can fail if done wrong.

When I was a programmer, I cared about every dot and comma. I still do, and that helps me catch details in contracts. Ambiguity, omissions, risks, deception? I'm on it. Searching out additional gains and potential upsides? I can often help there too.

Together, let's make your deal the best it can be.



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Credit: Spectrum News 1 / Renee Henson

Credit: Spectrum News 1 / Renee Henson

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