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Journalism Portfolios

In addition to practicing law, I'm a contributing editor at The Hollywood Reporter, where I cover entertainment labor, law, business and select other matters. I also blog on the Huffington Post, and occasionally write freelance articles. My writing has been published in/on the Los Angeles Times, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles Business Journal, Daily Journal, Huffington Post, Billboard, Campaigns & Elections magazine, and

You can browse my journalism portfolios on Pressfolios and on Muck Rack (where I was a featured journalist) and read two biographical pieces to find out how I accidentally became first a blogger and then a professional journalist (or listen to this interview).

Trademarking Movie Titles

The courts and the Trademark Office say you can't trademark a movie title. I say you can. See how in Mark My Words, which was selected as a cover article by Los Angeles Lawyer magazine.


Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears the Crown

My law review article Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears the Crown: Why Content’s Kingdom is Slipping Away discusses the struggle between content and technology. If you'd like a shorter take, read my HuffPo post "Is Content Worthless?"


Hollywood Reporter Articles

I've written over 1,200 articles in The Hollywood Reporter on entertainment labor issues (particularly relating to AFTRA, the Directors Guild (DGA), IATSE, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), SAG-AFTRA and the Writers Guild (WGA)) and other topics: entertainment law, high profile legal cases, business, technology and more.

Other Articles

I've written a news article, an Op-Ed piece (and another) and a book review for the Los Angeles Times, about a dozen articles for the Daily Journal, a piece in Variety, an article for Campaigns & Elections, a piece for Billboard and three Op-Eds for the Los Angeles Business Journal.


I used to blog on the Huffington Post on various subjects: gadget reviews, politics, entertainment labor or other topics. I also blog occasionally on the News page on this site, and on my own blog (and for several years blogged there heavily), which is syndicated to I also write on Medium from time to time.

Academic Portfolios

You can check out my Google Scholar and SSRN pages.

Reverse Chronological List of Articles

Film school’s ties with Matthew Modine face scrutiny in heated SAG-AFTRA election, Los Angeles Times (August 21, 2019).

Hollywood writers need their guild and agents to get on the same page, Los Angeles Times (March 13, 2019).

Making for the Exit: Poli-Tech Firms are Waiting on a Lucrative, Silicon Valley-Style Exit that Could Change the Industry Forever, Campaigns & Elections (July 2014).

Over 1,200 articles for The Hollywood Reporter (July 2010 to present).

Book Review, Los Angeles Times (October 23, 2009) (review of William Patry, Moral Panics and the Copyright Wars); "There's a Lot of Residual Pain Ahead if Current System Isn't Remedied," Hollywood Reporter (July 23, 2009); "SAG Contract is Ratified, but Drama is Likely to Return Quickly," Daily Journal (June 30, 2009); "New-Media Distribution Giving Hollywood a Makeover," Los Angeles Business Journal (June 15, 2009); "Why the Film Biz Still has Far to Go," (June 11, 2009); "SAG Contract Ratified; Now What?," 15 Century City Lawyer no. 15 (June 2009); "The Struggle Over Content and Technology Will Define Hollywood's Future," Daily Journal (June 9, 2009); "Why Content's Kingdom is Slipping Away," (June 9, 2009); "SAG's Strange Voyage," 15 Century City Lawyer no. 14 (May 2009); “Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears the Crown: Why Content’s Kingdom is Slipping Away,” Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment and Technology Law (Spring 2009, v. 11, no. 3, p. 597); “Actors Strike a Deal, but Is a New Compensation System on the Horizon?,” Daily Journal (April 7, 2009); “Economy, New Media Are Conspiring to Make Things Tough on Actors,” Daily Journal (March 24, 2009).

"Hollywood Under Siege," American Bar Association Entertainment and Sports Lawyer, vol. 24, no. 3 (Fall 2008) (excerpted in "Hollywood Under Siege," Daily Journal (October 22, 2008)); "Actors' Labor Plan in Need of a Rewrite," Los Angeles Business Journal (September 15, 2008); “Curtain Call,” Daily Journal (June 20, 2008); “With One Union Already Done, SAG Auditions for an Actors Deal,” Daily Journal (June 4, 2008); “No Time for Drama In Contract Talks For Studios, Actors,” Los Angeles Business Journal (May 26, 2008); “Entertainment Industry Could Be Headed for a Scary Sequel,” Daily Journal (May 15, 2008); “To Look and Sound Great On Air, Lawyers Should Be Prepared,” Daily Journal (April 8, 2008); “Fete the Press: Lawyers, Make the Most of Media Interactions,” Daily Journal (April 1, 2008); “Mark My Words,” Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine (April 2008); “Write On,” Daily Journal (March 10, 2008); "DGA as peacemaker: If the directors cut the right deal, it could save Hollywood from civil war," Los Angeles Times (January 16, 2008) (Op-Ed piece).

Blogger, Huffington Post (2007–2018); author, Digital Media Law blog (2007-2014); author, Script Magazine column, "Ask the Lawyer" (January 2007-October 2008); "Ask Super Lawyers," Los Angeles Magazine (February 2007); "Attorneys," chapter of Final Draft Presents Ask the Pros: Screenwriting (May 2004) (primary author); "When Worlds Collide—'Take Me to Your Lawyer'?" (in UCLA Extension Entertainment Studies, Fall 2002); "AFMA [now IFTA] International Censorship Rider: Some Suggested Revisions," American Film Marketing Association (February 1994) (co-author) (in The AFMA Model International Licensing Agreements, 2d ed.).

"Machine Readable Passports," Nexus: The Journal for Computer Users in the Public Interest Community (review) (September/October 1984); The MSG Frame System, BBN Labs report (April 1984); Zmail Concepts and Techniques, Symbolics reference manual 990096 (January 1983) (co-author); "The New Literacy: Programming Languages as Language," BYTE (March 1981); Short review of Godel, Escher, Bach, in The Knight Letter (newsletter of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America) (March 1981); An English Parser, IBM Systems Research Institute Technical Report TR-73-005 (January 1980).



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