A few words about what makes me tick.

You might be wondering what drives me and what I value. Here are the answers.

I'm intensely curious. I want to know how things work. It's why I was passionate about math and science as a kid, and it's why I went to law school. Law is part of the structure behind most societal and business relationships. How does it work? And, importantly, how does your business work? What are your goals? The more I know, the better I can help you make business and legal decisions.

I value creativity and try to practice it. It's what draws me to creative enterprises like entertainment and technology. It's also what led me to write and design my own books and to write and build this website (see Credits for more information). And, it's why I write short stories (one was published), poetry and plays. I'm a member of the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights and an associate member of the Dramatists Guild and Society of Composers & Lyricists.

I like order and want things to be right. That's one reason I have an eye for detail. It served me well in mathematics and it serves me well in law. When reviewing contracts, I usually notice typos, inconsistencies, unnecessary areas of overlap, and similar problems. It's a lot like discovering software bugs, which I tend to be good at as well.

I love language, as I mentioned on the home page. I always have: I did computational linguistics work for IBM in high school, took a number of linguistics courses in college and have been writing and reading technical and legal documents for decades. On a personal note, I've been a fan of Lewis Carroll (the Alice in Wonderland books and more) since my teens, because of the logical, linguistic and mathematical jokes and conundrums.

Finally, honesty matters to me and I care about other people, including my clients. I list these attributes last not because they're least, but because they're so fundamental that you'd almost think it unnecessary to mention them.