New Residuals Chart Available

My full color residuals chart has been downloaded all over town, popular ever since I introduced it in 2009 as an unparalleled summary of complex provisions scattered across 2,000 pages of almost impenetrable contracts. Whoa, that's a mouthful. And to that I say, let the downloads begin again!

Why? Because the 2014 edition is here. (Where? Try clicking here: What's changed? A lot. The new high budget Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) formulas are in the new edition, as are changes to the existing new media formulas and a few other new additions regarding digital intermediate channels and regarding simultaneous streaming.

All this new new media stuff made it impossible to keep the main chart to a single page. So now, instead of a one page summary and one page of contract cross references, you get a two page summary, a page of contract references and a page explaining the chart's abbreviations more clearly than before.

And even better for tired eyes, the new format means I've been able to use larger fonts in most places. You can finally put away your jeweler's loupe. (Mostly.)

And coming soon: the chart inspired a 200 page book that explains the residuals system in full color. I've been using drafts with my students at Southwestern Law School for several years -- but now I hope to finish the book this fall and make it publicly available. Sign up for my newsletter to be alerted when the book comes out. And go to for more information on the chart and book.