Here are audio and video from some of the big stories I've commented about in the media.

The most recent stories appear first, and within each story the clips are in chronological order.

The Sony Hack

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Hollywood Sex Accusations

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Aereo was a service that allowed you to watch live broadcast TV via the Internet, but they didn't pay licensing fees to the networks. That led to a Supreme Court case, which the company lost.


The New Zealand Hobbit Crisis

As my book The New Zealand Hobbit Crisis recounts, in 2010 an attempt to unionize actors on The Hobbit quickly spun out of the unions' control and led to unexpected results.


The Writers Guild Strike and SAG Stalemate

As my book Hollywood on Strike! details, Hollywood from 2007-2009 was wracked by labor troubles, first a hundred-day writers strike and then more than a year of stalemate and stalled contract talks in the Screen Actors Guild. Here is that story told through audio and video.