I've helped a wide variety of clients in entertainment, technology and business generally.


Representative Clients

  • Entertainment Technology. Providers of technology and technological services to the entertainment industry, including in the areas of technology, computer software, special effects and post-production
  • Entertainment. Writers, producers, managers, directors, actors and low-budget motion picture productions
  • Internet and Digital Media. Internet-based businesses, and creators and users of digital media
  • Technology. Software developers (licensing, joint ventures, marketing agreements and piracy matters) and users of custom software (contracts with software vendors)
  • Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses. Whatever the need, I can handle the intellectual property and related aspects, and my colleagues at TroyGould will take care of the corporate, tax and real estate matters (and litigation, should it arise).
  • Public and Large Companies. I have handled IP and IT matters for a number of public and large companies, and my colleagues are equipped to handle the necessary securities law and other issues faced by such clients.
  • Outside General Counsel. Small enterprises (general legal advice and business counsel on matters such as strategy, employment, and vendor relations)
  • Intellectual Property. Various enterprises and individuals (advice on copyright, trademark and licensing; coordination of consultations with outside patent counsel; intellectual property counsel in mergers and acquisitions)